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History Of Canderi

Canderi’s restaurant and home stay was established by Ibu Canderi in the late sixties (1960) on Monkey Forest Road, when Ubud was still painted in subtle shades and natural. Besides restaurant, she had some room home stay.

Canderi’s was a simple resaurant in balines traditional architecture house design. The staff was a mix of local Ubud folk and her own offspring. The food was a quirky mix of Balinese food and western food that had been introduced by international guests who had stayed at home stay such as jaffle, guacamole, tacos, chapatis and garlic oast vied for attention alongside black rice-pudding, tofu fritters and Balinese soups. But despite simple, it was all cooked with love.

Ibu CanderiMrs. Canderi probably had the first eating place in Ubud in the early 1960’s. Her restaurant has solid and tasty food and offers a good value.